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ECIA - Electronic Components Industry Association

Improving the customer experience across the electronic component supply chain

The vision of the Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) is to assist manufacturers and distributors alike, improve the customer experience across the electronic component supply chain.

What is the ECIA?

ECIA provides resources and opportunities for members to improve their business performance while enhancing the industry’s overall capacity for growth and profitability. From driving critical conversations and process optimization to product authentication and industry advocacy, ECIA is your trusted source for support, insight and action.

As an organization made up of the leading electronic component manufacturers, their manufacturer representatives and authorized distributors, ECIA members share a common goal of promoting and improving the business environment for the authorized sale of electronic components to the end customer. In doing so, we contribute to making the Americas region more competitive in the design and production of electronic goods.

Why is Digi part of the ECIA?

The ECIA organization is the voice of the Electronic Components Industry. ECIA is the only association representing all the key constituents of the electronic components industry and is an opportunity for Digi as a member manufacturer to:

  • Connect with potential customers, peers and competitors in a collaborative dialog that sparks opportunity and innovation; influence and optimize;
  • Influence policies that directly impact the efficiency of the supply chain and the future of the electronics industry; and
  • Optimize operations strategies to increase profitability through exclusive access to tools, market intelligence and standards.
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