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Cellular Routers

The cornerstone of mission-critical applications

Secure, Rugged and Ready to Connect

The most critical applications require cellular connectivity with the highest security and reliability, whether enabling secure financial transactions, or routing data in rugged outdoor environments for mass transit and industrial applications.

From legacy 2G/3G migration to 4G LTE, LTE-Advanced and 5G-ready functionality, Digi cellular routers offer a range of proven, purpose-built solutions for high-performance connectivity in retail and commercial applications where wired connections aren’t possible, and industrial applications in energy, transportation, and smart cities that demand rugged reliability.

Put Digi expertise to work on LTE and 5G migration and your next IoT connectivity application.

Enterprise Applications

Retail and consumer companies don’t measure downtime in minutes and seconds, they measure it in dollars and cents. Whenever your network goes down, you’re losing the ability to complete sales and provide the best possible customer experience.

Digi routers keep your point of sale, kiosk, and digital signage applications connected wherever a wired connection isn’t possible.


Industrial Applications

Whether you’re building solutions for smart cities, streamlining agricultural processes, or preparing for what’s next in the energy sector, you need robust and reliable connectivity to perform mission-critical operations like failover and remote security updates.

Digi routers are built for scalability and durability to keep pace with your company and withstand even the harshest conditions.


Transportation Applications

Transportation applications are some of the most demanding. In logistics, the weather, vehicle condition, fuel economy, and even operator behavior can impact vehicle efficiency. And transit systems have multiple requirements from dispatch to GPS, on-board security and passenger Wi-Fi.

Digi cellular routers securely support the full gamut of transportation application requirements, enabling you to optimize your fleet, monitor routing, partition public and private data and failover seamlessly.


Built-in Security

Protect your network, your data, and your reputation with the built-in security framework of Digi TrustFence?.

Uninterrupted Connectivity

Prevent unexpected downtime and network failures with Digi SureLink? technology.

Designed to Perform

Trust that your devices will get the job done the first time and every time, even in the most demanding environments and across critical applications.

Built to Last

Keep up with the demands of your industry and the IoT with routers engineered for extended deployments.
Digi WR54 FirstNet Ready

FirstNet Ready™ Digi® WR54 LTE-Advanced Router

The router for critical on-the-move communications

Rugged, high-speed and secure – now available in FirstNet Ready models, with single or dual cellular modules, built specifically for the FirstNet® nationwide Primary and Extended Primary network.

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Digi EX15

Port: 2 Ethernet, 1 Serial
Power: 18 VDC
Interface: Wi-Fi, GbE

For retailers who cannot tolerate network downtime, Digi EX15 offers gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi for either primary or failover connectivity. A suite of Digi upgradeable CORE plug-in modems lets users select the cellular speeds that best fit the business need.

Digi EX15

Digi IX14

Port: 1 Ethernet, 1 Serial
Power: 9-30VDC

Rugged, secure and reliable, Digi IX14 is purpose-built for industrial applications such as utilities. Ideal for connecting meters, remote sensing equipment, process automation or telco infrastructure controllers and PLCs.

Digi IX14

Digi WR11 XT

Port: 1 Ethernet
Power: 5V

Designed for unattended retail, kiosk and digital signage applications, Digi TransPort WR11 XT routers are the low-cost LTE router of choice for secure connections at third-part sites or remote locations.

Series 10

Digi WR 21

Ports: 2 Ethernet
Power: 9-30V

Compact and full-featured, Digi TransPort WR21 LTE routers are built for remote and mobile networking in commercial and industrial environments – with a flexible platform that can scale from primary and backup connectivity to enterprise-class routing and security.

Series 20

Digi WR31

Ports: 2 Ethernet, 1 Serial
Power: 9-30V
Interface: I/O

Ideal for a broad range of infrastructure applications, software-defined Digi TransPort WR31 routers feature LTE industrial-strength connectivity for third-party sites or remote locations.

Series 30

Digi WR44 R

Ports: 4, RJ45 Ethernet ports, 1 RS232 Serial Port
Power: 9-36Vdc
Interface: Wi-Fi, GPS, CAN Bus

Rugged and ready for anything, Digi TransPort WR44 R routers offer a variety of configuration options for mobile, transportation and on-board vehicle applications. Enterprise-class routing and security features designed for demanding environments.

Digi WR44 R

Digi WR44 RR

Ports: 4, M12 Ethernet ports, 1, M12 Serial Port
Power: 6-36Vdc
Interface: Wi-Fi, GPS, Rugged for On-Board Train

Rugged and ready for anything, Digi TransPort WR44 RR routers offer a variety of configuration options for mobile, transportation and on-board vehicle applications. Enterprise-class routing and security features designed for demanding environments.

Digi WR44 RR

Digi LR54

Ports: 4-Port Gigabit Ethernet, 1 Serial Port
Power: 12V
Interface: Dual Wi-Fi, GPS, CAN

Powerful performance for demanding retail, commercial and managed networking applications – Digi TransPort LR54 routers provide a high-speed LTE networking platform with flexible connectivity for a wide range of applications and global deployment.

Series 50

Digi WR54

Ports: (4) RJ-45 Ethernet ports, (1) RS-232 serial port
Power: 9-36 VDC
Interface: Wi-Fi, WWAN (Dual optional) or LAN

For mission critical transportation and industrial applications requiring continuous connectivity, field longevity and edge computing. Digi WR54 is a dual 600 Mbps CAT11 cellular router secured across networks safeguarding message privacy and integrity.

Digi WR54

Digi WR64

Ports: (4) RJ-45 Ethernet ports, (1) RS-232 serial port
Power: 9-36 VDC
Interface: Dual Wi-Fi, Dual WWAN, GPS

Ideal for complex transportation and mobile environments, Digi WR64 is a dual 600 Mbps CAT11 cellular router with true enterprise class routing, security, firewall and integrated VPN with segmented private vs. public data communication.

Digi WR64

Digi 6310-DX

Ports: (2) dynamic Ethernet ports
Power: 18 VDC
Accessories: Mounting kit, PoE injector, site survey battery

Avoid network outages with primary or backup LTE connectivity that seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure. Digi upgradeable CORE 1002-CM plug-in modems let users choose the cellular connectivity speeds that best fit their business needs.

Digi 6310-DX

Digi 6330-MX

Ports: (3) GbE Ethernet ports, (1) USB port
Power: 24 VDC
Interfaces: Wi-Fi, CAT3, CAT4, CAT6

High-performance LTE router with Gigabit Ethernet and optional Wi-Fi connectivity for retailers that rely on network uptime. Digi upgradeable CORE 1002-CM plug-in modems let users choose the cellular connectivity speeds that best fit their business needs.

Digi 6330-MX

Digi 6350-SR

Ports: (5) Ethernet ports (1 WAN, 4 LAN): (3) GbE ports, (1) USB port, (1) serial port
Power: 12 VDC
Interfaces: Wi-Fi, CAT3, CAT4, CAT6

Versatile LTE router for critical networking infrastructure that features multiple WAN options for both load balancing and failover. Larger or data-intensive locations can utilize CAT6 for the fastest speeds available; or opt for lower-cost standard CAT4 connection.

Digi 6350-SR

Digi 6300-CX

Ports: (1) Ethernet port
Power: 15 VDC
Accessories: Mounting kit, PoE injector, site survey battery

Helps eliminate downtime as the primary or backup cellular connection; compatible with any dual-WAN networking appliance for both 3G and 4G LTE with EV-DO fallback, when you need connectivity at a lower cost than traditional Internet connections.

Digi 6300-CX


5G Applications and Use Cases

With 5G deployments underway, many people have questions about 5G applications and use cases, and what connected life will be like after the roll-out. The fact is, 5G will be transformational. It will enable many new applications that are not viable today, particularly in urban areas and cities.

Digi SureLink

Digi SureLink

Digi SureLink? provides “always on” connectivity to help prevent dropped or failed transmissions. Stay connected with Digi SureLink
Digi Remote Manager

Digi Remote Manager

Digi Remote Manager enables centralized management and configuration for IoT devices to prevent exploitable configurations. Take control with Digi Remote Manager



Digi cellular routers keep a multitude of kiosks, signage, POS and other critical network devices secure and connected. Explore an ecosystem of hardware-enabled, software-defined connectivity solutions.



Protect Your Devices and Your Data

Digi TrustFence Security

Your most critical applications demand reliable security to prevent malicious attacks and keep your network protected at all times. Digi TrustFence® is a comprehensive security framework that simplifies the process of securing your connected devices.


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