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Seamless connectivity for devices at the edge

Secure Communications for Crucial Network Applications

As your network continues to grow, so do the opportunities for connection failures. You need reliable devices and sustainable connectivity strategies to help monitor, manage and maintain your evolving IoT infrastructure, especially as it expands into more remote locations and hazardous environments.

Reliable connectivity is imperative in your critical infrastructure to enable secure tasks and transactions, including PCI-compliant POS, systems backup, data transmission and asset tracking, all with centralized management. Add Digi LTE and LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) cellular routers, gateways, console servers, modems and USB devices, purpose-built for commercial or industrial applications near or far.

Whether you want to build a smart cities application for water/wastewater management and remote tank monitoring, or a more efficient data center with a robust backup system, or even the next best thing in digital advertising, turn to Digi networking solutions.

  • Deployed in the most demanding environments
  • Highly secure against new and evolving cyberthreats
  • Communicate with remote assets without relying on outside networks
  • Wide variety of regional and global options and support

Multi-Environment Solutions

Choose from serial, Ethernet, and USB connectivity solutions to reach critical assets and equipment in branch offices, always-up retail settings, or highly rugged industrial locations.

Built-In Security

Protect sensitive customer information, proprietary business data and the integrity of your IoT infrastructure with Digi TrustFence®.

Always On, Always Connected

Avoid the hassle, frustration and costs of downtime with backup solutions that keep your network and your assets up and running.

Remote Management

Keep an eye on current device status and historical performance to be certain your network is operating at optimal levels at all times.
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The shutdowns are coming sooner than you’d like. And Digi is here to help you plan ahead to avoid disruptions, lost data and – even worse – lost revenue. Digi LTE Migration Services is standing by with everything to make things go smoothly and quickly. What you need. Just in time.


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Protect Your Devices and Your Data

Digi TrustFence Security

Your most critical applications demand reliable security to prevent malicious attacks and keep your network protected at all times. Digi TrustFence® is a comprehensive security framework that simplifies the process of securing your connected devices.


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