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Embedded Systems for IoT

Complete solutions for wireless application development

Go to Market Smarter, Get to Market Faster

Getting to market with in-demand IoT applications requires embedded solutions designed for rapid development, flexibility and scale, along with a complement of tools, documentation and support.

The suite of Digi embedded systems is built for rapid development through a range of supporting tools, libraries, and content, as well as a built-in security framework. Choose from the range of offerings depending on your application needs, or work with our wireless engineering experts to design, develop, certify, manufacture and deploy your IoT application.

Whether you want to build a smart cities application for municipal transportation, water management or city lighting, or you are designing a rideshare tracking and transaction system, or perhaps the next best thing in patient monitoring and precision care, turn to Digi embedded systems.

  • Designed for deployment in the most demanding applications
  • Pre-certified to expedite time-to-market
  • Well-supported with tools, code libraries, examples and documentation
  • Easy to deploy and built to stand the test of time


Find the right product for your application from a range of form-factors and connectivity protocols including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mesh (802.15.4/Zigbee), 868/900 MHz and cellular.


Develop products customers trust, with a built-in security framework, ongoing monitoring and automated configuration management.


Complete projects with ease, assisted by a range of tools, resources, code libraries, and management and support options.


Turn to wireless design and engineering services for assistance at any phase of your project to save time, reduce board spins and get to market fast.

Build vs. Buy ROI Calculator

Build your own solution vs. buy Digi module solution

Build your own solution vs. buy Digi module solution

Build a network of connected devices that
can grow along with your business

Explore the Digi XBee Ecosystem

Digi XBee is more than a module. It's a complete ecosystem of wireless modules, gateways, adapters, and software, all engineered to accelerate wireless development for global deployments. One socket allows you to connect to IoT networks around the globe. With the authentic Digi XBee footprint, you can future-proof your design and know that Digi has you covered for new technologies as they emerge.

Digi XBee Ecosystem


Protect Your Devices and Your Data

Digi TrustFence Security

Your most critical applications demand reliable security to prevent malicious attacks and keep your network protected at all times. Digi TrustFence® is a comprehensive security framework that simplifies the process of securing your connected devices.


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