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Digi International's breakout is drawing attention from investors

Star Tribune Neal St. Anthony of the Star Tribune published a feature on Digi International, highlighting Digi's recent successes, excellent revenue numbers from fiscal year 2019, and the jump in Digi's stock price, showing investor excitement in the company's future.November 24, 2019

MHTA Tekne Awards go to Total Expert, Abilitech, Digi and Others

Twin Cities Business The Twin Cities Business Journal covered the winning companies in the 2019 MHTA (Minnesota High Tech Association) Tekne Awards, including Digi International. Digi won in the IoT category for Digi XBee Tools, as suite of solutions for IoT developers to help them to efficiently develop, build, deploy and manage IoT applications.November 21, 2019

5G Innovation: It's About Time

Connect World Reuleaux Founder Scott Nelson, formerly of Digi International, shared insights on the 5G future, and how multiple technologies such as machine learning, AI, virtualized edge computing and the next generation of cloud computing will all come together with the advent of 5G.November 20, 2019

Digi shares soar on earnings, outlook for 2020

Star Tribune The Star Tribune covered the jump in stock price of DGII following Digi's earnings announcement, as well as a positive outlook for 2020.November 19, 2019

5G: What IT Leaders Need to Know

The Enterprisers Project In this article, the author shares 5G insights relevant to CIOs from several IoT thought leaders, including Harald Remmert, Director of Engineering.November 14, 2019

Digi International Introduces Digi Connect IT Family of Console Access Servers for Comprehensive Management and Connectivity of IT Assets in the Data Center and Beyond

Real World Embedded Systems Magazine Real World Embedded Systems Magazine highlighted Digi's recent launch of the Digi Connect® IT family – Digi Connect IT Mini, Digi Connect IT 4, Digi Connect IT 16 and Digi Connect IT 48 – a family of serial consoles that remotely connect routers and other IT devices in data centers, branch offices and other enterprise locations.November 12, 2019

Digi to Acquire OpenGear for $140 million

Converge Digest This article covers Digi's acquisition of OpenGear, which provides failover-to-cellular and out-of-band management solutions to a broad range of Fortune 100 and other customers, augmenting these key offerings of Digi International.November 11, 2019

Digi Expanding Market Reach, Technology with Opengear Acquisition

Channel Partners Online Channel Partners magazine covered Digi Internationa's acquisition of OpenGear, including key quotes from Digi President and CEO Ron Konezny, and background information on why the marriage represents a promising synergy of the two companies.November 08, 2019

Digi International to Acquire New Jersey IT Company for $140M

Twin Cities Business Twin Cities Business magazine described Digi's largest acquisition ever, of New Jersey based OpenGear.November 08, 2019

IoT Expertise Pays Off for Solid State Supplies

Disti Blog The Digital Electronic Specifier magazine for channel product distributors covered the Digi International "EMEA IoT Solutions Distributor of the Year" Award, which was presented to Solid State Supplies by Digi International President and CEO Ron Konezny.October 23, 2019

Product News: 20 New Notebooks, Tablets & Handhelds

officer.com Officer.com, a magazine devoted to the interests of first responders, reviewed the FirstNet Ready™ Digi WR54, a wireless LTE-Advanced Pro Cat-12 cellular router certified to support the FirstNet Band 14 spectrum which provides priority communications access to the dedicated, physically separate FirstNet network core.October 21, 2019

Digi EX15 Cellular Extender Guards Against Network Disruptions

Microwaves & RF Microwaves & RF reviewed the Digi EX15, an LTE-certified plug-in modem designed to be a cellular extender for backup LTE connectivity or the primary connection for businesses such as retail stores, offices, and restaurants that need to prevent network disruptions.October 18, 2019

The Hidden Power of IoT

Digital Signage Today This article based on an interview with a Digi executive covers how digital signage with Iot devices can create a more targeted, personalized experience, and be responsive to updated customer data.October 17, 2019

Podcast: Achieving Connectivity Integrity

Kiosk Marketplace This article features a video from Mouser Electronics with a spotlight on the Digi XBee Multiprogrammer as well as an overview of additional tools and software for developing Digi XBee applications, including MicroPython and the Digi XBIB-C development board.October 04, 2019

Digi International XBee Multiprogrammer | Featured Product Spotlight

All About Circuits This article features a video from Mouser Electronics with a spotlight on the Digi XBee Multiprogrammer as well as an overview of additional tools and software for developing Digi XBee applications, including MicroPython and the Digi XBIB-C development board.October 04, 2019

Golden Bridge Awards Winners

Golden Bridge Awards Winners of the 2019 Gold Bridge Awards were announced, and Digi AnywhereUSB Plus received the Silver Award - Best New Product, Service, or Solution of the Year in the hardware category.October 01, 2019

Introducing AnywhereUSBPlus | Next Generation of Secure Remote USB over IP Hubs for IoT

Golden Bridge Awards Ben Tucker, Senior Product Manager for networking products at Digi International, had a byline in the Golden Bridge Awards publication in which he introduced Digi AnywhereUSB Plus for managing USB peripherals and smart devices.October 01, 2019

Enterprises tap edge computing for IoT analytics

Network World Network Wold covered Evoqua Water Technology's implementation of Digi International solutions into its water treatment systems. "Evoqua has migrated to edge computing, embedding a small Linux-based gateway device from Digi International to its water treatment systems."September 29, 2019

Finalists Announced for 2019 Tekne Awards

Twin Cities Business Magazine Digi International was announced as a finalist in the IoT Category of the 2019 Tekne Awards, sponsored by the Minnesota High Tech Association, for its solution suite, Digi XBee Tools. Twin Cities Business Magazine covered the finalists for the prestigious award.September 27, 2019

Digi International Headquarters Highlighted for Innovative Office Design

Work Design Magazine Digi International was highlighted for "celebrating expression thorugh innovation." Working with StudioBV, Digi developed a completely fresh, innovative design for its new corporate headquarters in Hopkins, MN that focuses on beautiful and functional collaboration spaces, social gathering places, and a welcoming environment for guests.September 24, 2019

Digi Wins Best New Product, Service, or Solution of the Year with AnywhereUSB Plus

Golden Bridge Awards Digi International AnywhereUSB® Plus was announced as a Silver Award winner of the Golden Bridge Awards in the "Best New Product, Service, or Solution of the Year - Technology Hardware" category. AnywhereUSB Plus is a network-attached USB hub that connects USB peripheral devices anywhere on a LAN – without a locally-attached host PC.September 23, 2019

IoT platform relies on sensors, task management

Fierce Electronics This article covered the recent unveiling of the new SmartSense IoT Platform, from SmartSense by Digi. The customizable solution was developed in collaboration with customers to provide business-critical insights and to expedite temperature logging and monitoring tasks for grocery, retail, medical and supply chain organizations.September 11, 2019

Expanding IoT development, manufacturing & deployment tools with latest Digi XBee ecosystem

ELE Times

ELE Times covered the recent Digi International announcment that it has shipped more htan 15 million Digi XBee devices, and has also announced a new tool suite, Digi XBee Tools, for rapid development and deployment of IoT applications.

August 17, 2019

A Look Inside Digi International's New office in Hopkins

Office Lovin' Office Lovin' covered the innovative design concepts behind Digi International's new headquarters in Hopkins, Minnesota, with imagery showing the spaces for meeting, socializing and collaborating.August 05, 2019

Digi XBee Surpasses 15 Million Shipments, Adds IoT Development, Manufacturing, Deployment and Management Tools

Aithority AIthority covered the announcement that Digi had surpassed 15 million in shipments and added IoT development, manufacturing, deployment and management tools for Digi XBee networks.July 31, 2019

Digi extends industrial IoT ecosystem

eeNews Test and Measurement An eeNews article covered Digi's expansion of the Digi XBee industrial IoT ecosystem, with a suite of new software and resources for wireless application development, deployment and management.July 31, 2019

Embedded connectivity product line provides hardware and software

Electronic Specifier Electronic Specfier described the new additions to Digi's portfolio of wireless modules, gateways, software and device management tools for edge intelligence and support for the complete wireless application lifecycle.July 31, 2019

Digi ships 15 million Digi XBee units targeting IoT business

InfotechLead InfotechLead covered the rollout of Digi XBee Tools for wireless application design and deployment, as well as the milestone of 15 million Digi XBee units shipped.July 30, 2019

How to Download MicroPython Code Onto XBee 3

Instructables An Instructables article described MicroPython integration with Digi XBee 3 modules, and provided a brief tutorial.July 30, 2019

Digi International Delivers FirstNet Ready Digi WR54 for Public Safety

Homeland Security Today This Homeland Security Today article introduced the FirstNet Read Digi WR54 LTE router for public safety. Approved for use on FirstNet band 14, the Digi WR54 supports priority and pre-emptive emergency communications for first responders.July 24, 2019

Digi Wireless Router Approved for FirstNet Network

Mission Critical Communications An article in Radio Resource described the new Digi WR54 wireless router, approved for the FirstNet band 14 spectrum. The certification and approval makes Digi WR54 an available wireless LTE-A Pro Cat-12 solution for first responders and extended primary users.July 23, 2019

Digi console access servers connect remote IT assets

IMC The IoT M2M Council (IMC) descibred the rollout of the Digi Connect IT family, a scalable, equipment and network-agnostic console system for IT infrastructure management.July 18, 2019

Digi International Introduces Digi Connect IT Family of Console Access Servers for Comprehensive Management

Ebom EBOM provided coverage of Digi's press announement of the new Digi Connect IT family of console access servers for supporting IT management.July 16, 2019

Everything is Interconnected

Twin Cities Business Magazine

Twin Cities Business Magazine included Digi International in its review of innovative tech. "Perhaps the largest Minnesota developer is Hopkins-based Digi International, which designs IoT systems for industrial, retail, energy, and medical customers."

July 01, 2019

Digi International IoT Global Conference Awards Recognize Groundbreaking IoT Innovators And Leaders

Retail IT Insights Retail IT Insights covered Dig's 2019 Global IoT Conference awards, including recipients such as Evoqua Water Technologies (IoT Leadership), Otis Elevator (Business Impact), and Walgreens (Best IoT Application for Healthcare).June 19, 2019

DevBoard Watch: Digi ConnectCore 8X SBC Pro for the IoT

Electronics Weekly Electronics Weekly published an article covering the Digi ConnectCore 8X SBC Pro developer kit, designed to support development of intelligent devices for the IoT. The includes the Digi ConnectCore 8X SB Pro, plus a console port cable, two dual-band antennas, a power supply and accessories.June 13, 2019

Digi International AnywhereUSB Plus Peripheral Devices-New Product Brief

All About Circuits A Mouser Electronics article in All About Circuits covered the new Digi AnywhereUSB Plus hubs, which provide USB 3.1 Gen 1 and gigabit Ethernet ports for high-speed data transmission, and the ability to connect 2, 8 or 24 USB-based peripherals to remote PCs or virtual hosts.June 12, 2019

3 Ways 5G Will Drive Edge Intelligence

IoT for All This article by Scott Nelson dives into how 5G will drive the transformation in edge intelligence. 5G and edge compute are closely related. With the 5G network infrastructure creating a completely new layer of “fog,” 5G will allow companies to feel more secure within their own private networks.June 07, 2019

Digi ConnectCore development kits provide secure platform to build connected intelligent devices

ELE Times The Eletimes covered Digi International's announcement of the full availability of its Digi ConnectCore 8X development kits. Digi ConnectCore 8X is a a powerful, secure and cost-effective off-the-shelf single board computer (SBC) with support for Linux and Android. The product line offers cloud and edge-compute services integration, reduces time-to-market, and eliminates the traditional risk and complexity of custom board designs.June 05, 2019

The Changing World of Edge Computing

FierceElectronics This article touches on edge computing and Scott Nelson's session “Sensor + Edge Compute + Cellular = Recipe for IoT Retrofit Success” he presented at Sensors Expo & Conference 2019. Soon edge computing will increase overall network efficiency and reduce costs with the use of smart sensors.June 04, 2019

A Building Block Approach to AI Hardware and Software

IoT World Today AI hardware and software deployment due to surging data processing demands is a key feature in this article by IoT World Today. 5G may be at an early stage of adoption at present, but the technology could potentially have significant ramifications for enterprise organizations with AI or edge computing ambitions.June 03, 2019

AI, IoT and the Prospect of ‘Nudging’ People to be Healthier

IoT World Today Digital health gives consumers new tools for taking their health in their own hands. In this article, Digi Chief Product Officer Scott Nelson talks about how the diagnosing capabilities of AI-driven machines will continue to improve and AI technology will help engage people seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle, and support patient coaching and compliance.June 03, 2019

Minnesota tech firm Digi International’s performance is increasing its visibility

Star Tribune This Star Tribune article covers how revenue results in first-half of fiscal 2019 prove that Digi has achieved the transformation CEO Ron Konezny envisioned when he took over in 2015. Konezny streamlined device offerings, outsourced more manufacturing and drove faster-growing revenue from selling software and services to repeat customers, achieving much of what he said he wanted to accomplish.June 01, 2019

Five “Must Haves” for Edge Intelligence

Aithority This article posted by Digi's Chief Product Officer, Scott Nelson, talks about the future of edge intelligence. From prediction machines that will enable maintenance before it is needed to the operational context that will allow product and applications to adapt to meet changing needs ahead of time, the infrastructure that is IoT edge will become intelligent.May 27, 2019

Resetting Expectations in the Industrial IoT World

IoT World Today IoT World interviewed Scott Nelson, Chief Product Officer at Digi International, and other leaders about the transformation of industry in the IoT age. The article describes how IoT has the potential to change user experience from focusing on situational awareness to behavioral performance, such as helping to support a user's decision making.May 13, 2019

USB hubs connect over IP or LTE networks

Microcontroller Tips MicroController Tips shared Digi's announcement of the Digi AnywhereUSB Plus product release. These products provide a solution for applications that require higher speed connections and port densities, and the ability to connect to USB devices without having to physically connect or move equipment around.May 02, 2019

Digi International Launches Digi AnywhereUSB Plus Hubs

Embedded Computing Design Embedded World covered the release of Digi AnywhereUSB Plus products, which allow applications to connect to USB devices withouta physical connection. This new line of devices has the flexibility to connect to kiosks, ATMs and manufacturing lines using USB connectivity.May 01, 2019

Digi International Introduces Remote USB Hubs for Industrial Applications

Profit from IoT This article from Profit from IoT discusses the modular approach of AnywhereUSB Plus. Customers looking for local or remote USB on the factory floor, in the kitchen and anywhere in between, can count on the security, reliability and device management capabilities of the two-port, eight-port, or 24-port packages of the product.May 01, 2019

Digi International Unveils Digi AnywhereUSB Plus Hubs Featuring USB over IP to Connect Assets Across the Enterprise

AiThority AI Authority shared the announcement of the new Digi AnywhereUSB Plus hub, which provides USB over IP to connect USB devices for enterprises of any size, and described the ideal applications such as kiosks, restaurant kitchens and manufacturing lines. As USB-based peripherals continue to replace those with serial and proprietary connections, enterprises need a cost-effective solution to connect these devices to a host.April 30, 2019

Why did it take so long to roll out PTC? Because 'it had never been done before'

Trains Trains magazine described the challenge of Positive Train Control (PTC) in its June 29, 2019 edition. The author interviewed PTC experts including Steve Mazur, Digi Director of Government Sales, for an inside look at the technology required for compliance as well as planning and cost considerations.April 29, 2019
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