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Customer Stories

Learn how Digi has provided successful M2M solutions for customers in industries where things don’t come easily and operations are spread over vast, complex areas.

GeneSys Sensors Help Auto Makers Test Performance and Prepare for the Connected Vehicle Future

Vehicle makers can now precisely test and analyze automotive performance with advanced GeneSys sensor technology and the Digi TransPort WR21 cellular router, a critical step in auto manufacturing today, and in development of connected vehicle technology and the future of autonomous vehicles.

Enolgas USA Enters “Smart Home” Market with Water Security System

Enolgas USA found that apartment building and home owners can save enormous amounts of money in excess costs due to undetected water leakage. They developed their patented Water Security System for the “smart home” market with detect leaks, reduce consumption and prevent water damage and unnecessary expense.

Wake, Inc. Integrates Digi IoT Solutions to Remotely Monitor Concrete Curing Temperatures at Construction Sites

Wake helps construction project managers monitor the concrete curing process, with remote access to real-time temperature logging information, eliminating the need to visit the job site to directly connect a device to each temperature logger. The solution, based on Digi Connect Sensor+ and Digi Remote Manager, provides automated insights and alerts 24x7.

BOS Technology Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic with Patient Room Monitoring for Virus Containment

Digi ConnectPort X2 is a perfect choice for our application. We wanted to use only the very best products for this solution – chips, sensors, and gateway. Our research showed that XBee and ZigBee offered the best networking approach. We reviewed several vendors, and only Digi provided the right answer for us.

Reborn Electric uses Digi ConnectCore 6 SBC to provide interface and telemetry in buses retrofitted for electric power

Reborn Electric retrofits diesel-powered buses to electric. To provide an interface and the telemetry needed to monitor vehicle routes and performance, Reborn chose the Digi ConnectCore? 6 single board computer (SBC), helping their customers gain the maximum value for their investment in their “reborn” vehicles.

Enlazza Uses Digi Remote Manager to Securely Manage Fleet of Digi Routers

The Enlazza Company developed an innovative service, called Host Name Solution (HNS), using Digi Remote Manager APIs. The solution provides secure access to Digi routers using IPv4 private addresses, with a localized interface to support utilities and other customers in the Chilean market.

Improving Hand Washing Performance Decreases the Spread of Infection at Hospitals and Lowers Expenses

Hand washing is one of the most important daily routines to avoid the spreading of bacteria and disease, especially in hospitals and healthcare centers. For environments where infections and disease are ever-present, it's vital to protect those who are ill from potential risks that may cause additional complications.

Next Gen Powersports: Taiga Motors Creates the First Electric Snowmobile and Personal Watercraft Using Digi Solutions

Taiga Motors is an innovative electric power sports company, based in Canada, whose mission is to produce vehicles that provide an exhilarating outdoor experience without sacrificing the environment. The company chose Digi ConnectCore? and Digi XBee? 3 Cellular modems to power their electric vehicles.

The Sky's the Limit for McGill University's Rocket Team

The McGill University rocket team leveraged the Digi XTend 900 Mhz Radio for their avionics communications aboard an 11-foot rocket. Digi sponsored the student team, supporting learning opportunities for tomorrow’s rocket engineers.

PuppTech Creates Monitoring and Notification System to Protect Pets in Vehicles

PuppTech is a startup devoted to helping dog owners keep their pets safe in vehicles. The company built PuppComm – a portable, connected environmental monitoring solution that can be deployed in cars, crates, kennels, RVs and other spaces. The device monitors air temperature and humidity and sends measurements to a cloud-based server using a 4G LTE connection. If the readings are too high, the PuppComm device issues text and email alerts to the dog owner.

Otis Elevator Develops a Predictive Maintenance Solution to Improve Response Rates

The Otis ONE digital platform combines cloud technology, machine learning, and IoT to provide users with live information and predictive maintenance insights. It gathers information directly from products via smart sensor technology.

Digi WDS Helps Evoqua Deliver an Internet-Connected Water-Monitoring Solution for Commercial Applications

To drive costs down, improve efficiency and better serve their customers, Evoqua Water Technologies turned to the IoT to enhance water-quality monitoring. The company chose two solutions from Digi - the Digi ConnectCore? 6UL for local processing and the Digi XBee? Cellular modem for wireless data transmission. They also turned to Digi Wireless Design Services for development and integration.

BinSentry Agriculture Monitoring Systems Rely on Digi? XBee Cellular for Low-Power, Low-Cost Communication

Agriculture IoT startup develops a connected solution to enable farmers and feed mills to monitor feed inventories, replenish them in a timely manner and schedule efficient trucking routes to eliminate supply disruptions and reduce costs.

Vium Improves the Success of Drug Development for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies

Vium helps labs improve safety, enhance their ability to test drug compounds, and better identify relevant disease biomarkers. To achieve these objectives, the company combined computer vision, AI, and a range of sensor technologies to monitor cloned mice. They turned to Digi WDS for help completing their certification.

Biofeeder Helps Shrimp Farmers to Automate Feeding Schedules

In the shrimp farming business, everything affects shrimp health, from the amount you feed the shrimp to the frequency. bioFeeder developed cloud-connected feeder technology to automate schedules and monitor the feeders from a central location to improve shrimp growth rate and profitability.

Digi Sponsorship of TUfast Racing Team Puts College Innovators on Fast Track to Engineering Success

The TUfast Racing Team from the Technical University of Munich used the Digi ConnectCore? 6UL single board computer in development of the lightest-ever four-wheel-drive vehicle. This helped the team to set speed records during races at Forumula One tracks in Hockenheim and Barcelona.

TransData Launches Transport Ticketing, GPS and Wi-Fi, Bringing Advanced Services to Riders

The TransData s.r.o. company, based in Slovakia, is a system integrator that develops applications and system solutions to support and simplify operations for transport, payment, and identification systems on the Slovak market. These include a broad product portfolio of solutions for identification, attendance and fare collection in municipal transport, education and security applications. Their flagship product is an Integrated Passenger Ticketing and Information system that meets the demanding needs of p

Lumca Smart Pole Solution Helping Cities and Towns Extend the Value of their Lighting Infrastructure with Connected Services

With more options to deliver higher levels of citizen service, efficiencies, and cost savings, savvy cities and municipalities are rethinking all aspects of their infrastructure – including streetlights and poles. Lumca brings decades of experience in designing and manufacturing lighting products that connect citizens to the cities they live in using the latest technology. With its pioneering Smart Pole solution, backed by Digi TransPort routers, the company is leading the way in new markets.

Digi Helps SEPTA Comply With Federal Mandate For "Positive Train Control" (PTC)

Serving more than one million riders each day, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is the nation’s sixth-largest public transportation system, providing bus, subway, light rail, regional rail and paratransit services across five counties in and around Philadelphia. SEPTA provides over 300 million trips annually on a rail network comprising over 450 miles of track.

AFCEC Cuts Costs, Increases Reliability by Converting from Landlines to Cellular for Systems Control and Monitoring at Superfund Cleanup Site

AFCEC missions include facility investment planning, design and construction, operations support, real property management, energy support, environmental compliance and restoration, audit assertions, acquisition and program management.

NuMedia Unveils Next Generation of PRSONAS Digital Hosts – Powered by Digi

Through patented technology, nuMedia’s acclaimed PRSONAS digital hosts go far beyond digital signage and self-service kiosks. Today PRSONAS offers interactive self-service holograms that project a company’s brand personality to attract, automate, and analyze customer engagements. Through mixed-reality technology that mimics human experiences, the company is revolutionizing how brands serve customers.

LEIGHTRONIX Enables Remote Digital Signage Connectivity With Digi IoT Solutions

LEIGHTRONIX specializes in video-equipment design and manufacturing, including digital video solutions, television automation, live and video-on-demand web streaming media, IPTV, and remote equipment control. In the quickly evolving professional video market, LEIGHTRONIX has provided customers with more than 18,250 controllers, including more than 8,000 digital channels, delivering value, innovation, and versatility.

FloorBotics Brings Connectivity and Intelligence to Innovative Floor-Cleaning Robot

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Texas, FloorBotics is a robotic software and hardware development company responding to the market demand?for cost-effective?alternatives to?labor-intensive?floor cleaning equipment, including a line of set-and-forget robotic cleaners.?The company’s innovative products rely on proprietary navigation software, compact physical designs, and connectivity from Digi XBee? Cellular routers to reduce costs, increase safety, and eliminate drudgery and increase safety in floor cl

Tisséo Outfits New Lineo Vehicles With Digi WR44 Routers to Provide Real-time Vehicle Connectivity

With more than 120 million trips last year spanning two subway lines, two tram lines, and 150 bus routes, Tisséo is the public transit operator for the Toulouse metro area in the south of France that is home to more than 1 million people.

Connected Technology Evolves Farmers' Operations

Nebraska Engineering Company (NECO), a division of Global Industries, Inc., is a specialized agricultural equipment engineering and manufacturing company in North Omaha, NE that provides high-value grain dryers, grain handling, and aeration equipment for agricultural customers worldwide.

Digi Helps Summit Improve Groundwater Protection And Management

Summit Envirosolutions is an environmental consulting firm that uses sophisticated information systems to gather and evaluate critical environmental data and provide recommendations to their clients. Their services support a wide range of projects, from storage tank management to lead reclamation and environmental remediation. Summit employs a team comprised of archaeologists, architectural historians, environmental scientists, geologists, and hydrogeologists to provide cost-effective technical consulting

Kinetic Creates An Innovative Wearable That Reduces Workplace Injuries And Increases Safety Using Digi IoT Solutions

Kinetic is a pioneering innovator in workplace wearables that improve worker safety, prevent injuries, and decrease associated costs. The company’s flagship REFLEX™ hip-mounted device, which includes the Digi ConnectCore® 6 single board computer at its core, detects poor posture that can cause injuries and provides workers with feedback. The device also provides managers with aggregated statistics on employee compliance and sources of risk.

Innovative Dual-Carrier Solution from Cactus Computer Eliminates Dead Zones, Keeps Operations Flowing for Grand Prairie Water

Leveraging the Digi TransPort? WR21 4G LTE router, Texas-based Cactus Computer has created the “Cactus 2x4GLTE,” an innovative dual-carrier router that delivers failover connectivity for mobile users. Grand Prairie Water Department uses the Cactus 2x4GLTE in its fleet of dozens of trucks to eliminate dead zones and keep its mobile workforce connected and coordinated.

Smart Sensors Toolkit from 30 MHz Taps the Power of Digi XBee Modules for Fast integration and Reliable Connectivity

With a portfolio of easy-to-deploy wireless sensors, 30MHz empowers businesses to transform the metrics they capture from the physical world into actionable insights. The 30MHz Toolkit – leveraging Digi networking technology – lowers the barrier to entry for smart sensing. The scalable, interoperable plug-and-play solution is designed for rapid deployment of hundreds of thousands of devices with complete, centralized monitoring.

Digi Wireless Module Transforms NASA Robot Into Productive Member of Space Station Crew

Astronauts' time and work is extremely valuable, but because of the conditions in which they perform their work, it's also extremely limited. NASA needed to develop Robonauts – dexterous humanoid robots – to help humans work and explore in space. Working side by side with humans or going where the risks are too great for people, Robonauts will expand NASA's ability for construction and discovery in space.

Avancen Transforms Delivery of Oral Pain Medications With Digi System on Module

Avancen’s FDA-approved Medication on Demand (MOD?) device is being deployed in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities around the country. Read how that device relies on the Digi RCM5600W system on module for built-in intelligence, WiFi connectivity, and simple operation.

Money Safe: Protecting Sensitive ATM Financial Data

Financial institutions have the responsibility of keeping their customers’ information private and secure. When providing processing solutions for financial institutions, vendors and partners of these institutions must also provide a high level of security. In a 2013 study by Kaspersky Lab, there were 28.4 million cyber attacks involving financial malware identified. This was a 27.6% increase over 2012.

Digi Gateways Connect Bike Rental Terminals

Every day, close to ten thousand journeys are made using the Tel-O-Fun bicycle-sharing system in Tel Aviv, Israel. Operated by FSM Ground Services Management, Tel-O-Fun provides over 1700 bicycles spread over 170 docking station in and around the city. Each docking station contains a terminal, where users are able to purchase subscriptions, rent, obtain and return bicycles – and the bicycles may be returned to any station, any time.

40,000 Digi XBee Connected Meters Save Energy for CAS Customers

CAS Tecnologia is a leading global solutions provider for the energy industry, serving more than 200 customers in Brazil, Latin America and Europe. Headquartered in Brazil, CAS Tecnologia (CAS) provides solutions for 20 of the country’s 26 largest utilities.

ConnectCore 6 Powers Furuno’s Next-Generation NavNet TZtouch2 Marine-Navigation Systems

Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. develops and sells marine and industrial electronics products and systems, including radar, GPS, fish finders, sonar, satellite communication systems, radio equipment, and other deep-sea products. It also offers industrial electronics products, such as car navigation systems, electronic toll-collection system, and ETC automotive devices.

FELFEL Transforms Workplace Meals with Kiosk Refrigerators, Powered By Digi ConnectCore, Bringing Ingenious Delivery of Fresh Food For Staff

Aiming to “free people from mediocre food at work,” Switzerland’s FELFEL has developed a complete, innovative solution that enables everyone at the office to eat delicious, sustainable, and fresh food all day long at affordable prices. A Digi ConnectCore? single-board computer (SBC) powers an Android application that controls everything from refrigerator locks to token-based POS transactions.

Digi Drives Digital Experience in the Only Zero-Emissions-Capable Black Cab

The zero-emission taxicab of the future will soon be on the streets of London – and Digi is playing a key role in making it happen. Frazer-Nash – the electric-car pioneer founded in 1922 – has selected Digi ConnectCore? 6 system-on-module to create a complete digital experience for driver instrumentation and touchscreen passenger infotainment inside its range-extended electric vehicle (REEV) Metrocabs.

Digi XBee RF Modules Enable Loadstar Sensors to Create StockVUE Wireless Inventory Management

From characterizing automobile brakes to testing parachutes for NASA, Loadstar Sensors offers a broad range of wired and wireless force, torque, displacement, level and pressure sensors to more than 5,000 customers including Tesla, BMW, Boeing, Google, Microsoft and Becton-Dickinson. Digi XBee? RF modules have helped this specialty sensor solutions provider create its next generation of innovative solutions to dramatically improve inventory management.

Developing the Yardstick in Solar Energy

Through its newest service, Denowatts, PowerOwners delivers a benchmark to the solar industry in order to better improve performance management. Thanks to Digi Remote Manager, Digi Rabbit, and Digi XBee, clients can monitor and understand their solar assets better than ever and clearly see how those assets are performing relative to others.

LTE Operational Efficiencies Save Thousands for ElectriCities

Energy solution provider saves over $300K/year by replacing expensive land-line circuits with LTE from Digi International

Ideco and Digi International Develop Biometric Technology Solution Customers Can Easily Identify With

Digi ConnectCore? 6 gives Ideco the processing horsepower they need to take cumbersome biometric collection and verification systems and turning them into a compact and portable unit so customers can quickly profile and confirm an individual’s identity onsite.

Ranch Systems Leverages Digi XBee To Deliver Cloud-based Agriculture Automation

Founded in 2005, Ranch Systems provides wireless solutions for field monitoring and control in agriculture environments. These solutions range from cellular nodes monitoring a single temperature sensor or tank level to sophisticated farm-wide networks with real-time wireless monitoring and control of the entire farm production and operation systems. Thanks to Digi XBee PRO? wireless modules, Ranch Systems can bring intelligence and automation to improve yields and lower costs.

Digi and Almerys Develop Critical Cardiology Telehealth Application

Digi and Almerys, a subsidiary of Orange Business Services, helped develop and implement Cardiauvergne, a cardiology telehealth pilot project in the Auvergne region of France. The application performs in-home monitoring to collect a patient's weight daily and transfers it to a medical coordination unit where health care decisions are made.

PragmaTech Improves Waste Management Intelligence with Digi Cellular Technology

PragmaTech is an innovative waste management consulting firm that offers waste management organizations, retailers, mall owners, and residential property owners the ability to monitor and manage waste equipment with real-time data.

Digi Helps Outdoor Lighting Company, Owlet Nightshift, Save Energy and Reduce Maintenance Costs for Cities and Municipalities

Owlet partnered with Digi to develop new outdoor lighting technologies that help cities reduce energy usage, maintenance and operating costs, while improving the safety and well-being of their residents.

Digi Gateways Enable Wildfire Early Detection System

Firebreak USA Corp. is a leading manufacturer of perimeter wildfire detection systems. The company's FirePosse? system detects and reports wildfires to local authorities and area residents to protect homes, property and people.

Wirelessly Connecting the Future of Energy Distribution

E-DeMa is a joint project between SWK, RWE, Siemens, Miele, ProSyst, the universities of Bochum, Duisburg/Essen and Dortmund and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Dortmund. These groups are working to develop and demonstrate an e-energy, locally networked "energy marketplace of the future" using cutting-edge information and communication technology.

Enabling Internet of Things Innovation in Agriculture

DigiBale, a commercial subsidiary of Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), takes technology know-how and IP from implementations successfully applied to the sheep farming and wool industry and makes it accessible to other agriculture sectors including cotton, forestry, sugarcane and cattle.

Devergy Expands Solar Power Possibilities in Africa

Devergy is a social enterprise committed to providing an affordable and reliable source of energy to low-income people in developing countries. Founded in 2010, the service is based on village-sized energy micro-grids that provide solar power to households and businesses for the use of everyday products like lights and appliances such as refrigerators, TVs and radios.

The Internet of Things Powering A New Way to Light Streets with Bifacial Solar Panels

Using intelligent, bifacial solar panels, Mira Bella Energy has created a smart, efficient, scalable street-lighting system, And with Digi XBee? RF modules, a X2/X4 gateway, and a connection to Digi Remote Manager, Mira Bella can remotely monitor and manage motion detection, light brightness, battery levels, and solar harvest.

Wireless Internet Connection Enables Railway Control Systems

Rail systems are expected to be one of the fastest and most efficient means of transportation. In order for operations to run efficiently and to provide the best customer experience possible, OEM Technology Solutions creates products that offer preventative service, or condition-based monitoring.

From the Ground to the Cloud: Optimizing Irrigation

Demand for water continues to grow; it’s increased 60% every decade for the past fifty years. Within twelve years, over two thirds of the world is expected to experience water shortage. Water shortage has far-reaching and imminent implications, since over 40% of the world’s food is provided by irrigated agriculture.

Macchina Selects Digi XBee Cellular for Connectivity in Forthcoming Open-Source Development Platform for Automobiles

Aiming to provide the open-source hardware/software “middleware” for the newest generation of automobiles, innovative Macchina is creating M2, a modular interface to support a wide range of automotive aftermarket devices and services. The Digi XBee? Cellular embedded modem provides the essential 4G LTE connectivity.

Starbucks and Other Retail Outlets Offer Wireless Phone Charging with Digi Technology

Powermat, the world’s fastest-growing wireless charging network, is partnering with some of the largest retail brands to deploy Powermat Charging Spots around the world. A customized Digi XBee? Gateway provides Powermat with easy-to-deploy connectivity to its cloud-based system and ensures Powermat’s network remains secure.

IGT Turns To Digi For Innovative Wireless Routers To Rapidly Deploy Lottery Systems

With more than $6 billion in sales and 13,000 employees around the world, IGT (NYSE: IGT) is the world’s largest provider of gaming machines, lotteries, and interactive and social gaming solutions. With a wealth of premium content, innovation, expertise, and leading-edge technology, IGT has well-established local presences and relationships with governments and regulators in more than 100 countries.

Tire Profiles Turns to Digi TransPort? LR54 Router for Reliable Connectivity in Acclaimed "GrooveGlove" Handheld Tire Diagnostics Tool

In tire shops, car dealerships, and auto repair centers around the country, Tire Profiles’s acclaimed GrooveGlove? handheld laser-measurement tool helps technicians quickly and proactively assesses tire wear and condition for a better service experience. Using the Digi TransPort? LR54, GrooveGlove connects to the cloud to create customized, pinpoint assessments that increase sales and customer satisfaction.

WonderSign Solves Smart Digital Signage and Kiosks Connectivity Issues with Digi TransPort Routers

Florida-based Wondersign delivers digital media to screens and tablets for corporate TV, digital marketing boards, digital signage, and interactive kiosks using an intuitive and affordable content management console in the cloud. The heart of Wondersign’s connectivity strategy: Digi? TransPort WR11 cellular router.

WiseConn Brings New Efficiencies to Agriculture with Precise Irrigation

WiseConn’s acclaimed DropControl helps farmers maximize their harvests and optimize their irrigation use by carefully and precisely monitoring soil moisture, wells, valves, weather stations, and more. WiseConn relies on Digi XBee-PRO? radios in a mesh network configuration to capture data from low-power sensors and transmit it back to the farmer’s control station for complete, optimal irrigation control.

Giving Individuals Back Their Freedom While Keeping Families Informed Of Their Health.

18.8 million people live with diabetes and many do not have the freedom to leave their home and effectively monitor their blood glucose levels due to device restrictions as it relates to wireless connectivity. Our customer wanted to develop a blood glucose monitor that would be externally accessible anytime, anywhere.

IER Shares 100% Electric Vehicles During COP21

IER, a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group-one of the 500 largest companies in the world, used the state-of-the-art SMT design and pre-certified radio integration of Digi ConnectCore 6 to create a new generation of 100-percent electric vehicles – including buses and charging stations.

MicroPower Technologies Delivers Reliable and Secure Video Surveillance For Major West Coast Utility

MicroPower’s solar-powered compact, wireless SOLVEIL HD surveillance platform relies on the Digi TransPort? WR21 cellular router to bring HD video from perimeter and outdoor areas for enhanced security and operations monitoring. With the Digi enabled-solution, utility providers can monitor remote transmission and distribution lines and make informed decisions about operations and risks.

Digi XBee Modules and Gateways Help Smartbox Transform Package Delivery With Networked Lockers

The ability to virtually order anything online has significantly improved the way we do things , however it can become quite an inconvenience when it comes to actually receiving the delivery and signing it off. This motivated SmartBox to design a safe, secure, and smart delivery storage locker. Learn how you can send and receive packages on your time while avoiding the busy post office.

New Sun Road Connects Uganda to Clean and Reliable Energy with Digi Cellular Routers

Digi TransPort? WR11 XT routers are playing a key role in New Sun Road’s efforts to bring clean, reliable energy to remote areas of Uganda. Digi’s routers provide a reliable connection to the global 3G network while withstanding high operating temperatures, enabling local operators to monitor the power grid's performance and remotely troubleshoot any issues.

Enlight Teams with Digi to Create Smarter, Safer, and More Cost-Efficient Lighting Environments

Enlight’s network of intelligent fixtures in urban environments are making smart streetlights a reality. Read how Digi cellular gateways autonomously manage lights using programmed instructions from a centralized operations center – with speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Monster Media Needed A Connectivity Solution That’s Quick To Deploy And Scalable

Monster Media is a full-service media company that specializes in digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. The company is an industry leader in delivering dynamic interactive media in a number of high traffic venues and locations such as malls, events, sports and entertainment venues, mobile tours, college campuses, hotels, bus shelters, storefronts and mass transit.

Olsbergs Uses Digi XBee to Make Construction Sites Safer

To improve efficiency and safety for construction companies and crane operators, Olsbergs has created a family of remote-controlled hydraulics driven by Digi XBee? 868 Low-Power RF modules. With this module in their radio remote control, Olsbergs can guarantee the safety, accuracy, and reliability of their radio-controlled hydraulics.

Digi ConnectCore 6 Helps Prolec Improve Safety and Usability of Construction Equipment

Site surveys and measurements are meticulously taken by construction managers to ensure all angles and depths are understood properly before bringing in big machinery like backhoes, cranes, and excavators. To ensure confidence and safety in their construction equipment, a family of machine control solutions chose a proven System-on-Module (SOM) solution instead of designing their own - which has saved timed, rework, excess material, and more.

Digi TransPort Connects Thousands of Point of Sale Terminals Across Switzerland

Find out how LoRo used the Digi TransPort WR21 enterprise router to transition from fixed-line connections to wireless LTE broadband. This solution enables them to spin up new locations and change content in hundreds of customer shops and POS terminals throughout the six cantons of French-speaking Switzerland.

Flying Eye Relies on Digi XBee for Drone Connectivity and Parachute Deployment

Around the world, drones of all shapes and sizes from the market-pioneering Flying Eye are filling the skies. They incorporate a wide range of sensors, cameras, batteries, and radio controls, making them an increasingly valuable proposition to a broad cross-section of industries.

Thermal Camera Industry Standard Raised with the ConnectCore 6

Thanks to the Digi ConnectCore? 6 ultra-compact system-on-module (based on the Freescale i.MX6 Cortex-A9 processor), FLIR was able to integrate several modules and circuit boards into one module, greatly simplifying its design. That’s a key reason why the state-of-the-art T1K/T1020 is the most compact, highly featured thermal-imaging camera on the market.

Mowic’s TrackIce Using RF Technology to Freeze Out Ice Problems On The Road

Using road sensors connected wirelessly through Digi XBee? RF modules, Mowic’s TrackIce ice-warning system determines road conditions and optimal road-salt strategies. With Digi XBee technology, TrackIce helps companies understand and resolve problems cost-effectively, saving time, money, and, most importantly lives.

Drone Technologies Disrupting Industries, Saving Lives

For expanded capabilities and a longer range of controlled flight, Draganfly has equipped its drones with advanced point-to-point communication for remote wireless control – all powered by the Digi XBee-PRO? 900HP.

Chicago Area Commuter-Rail Agency Turns to Digi to Increase Ridership With Free Internet Access

Thousands of passengers traveling to and from Chicago each day increasingly expect connectivity and productivity as they make their way to and from their offices. With the Digi WR44R, Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District now offers reliable no-cost Wi-Fi internet access – an option that’s so popular that the agency is moving forward with full implementation of the Digi WR44R across all 82 cars.

Addénergie Driving Electric Vehicle Charging Station Networks

Addénergie develops, manufactures and operates charging solutions for market segments such as the public sector, workplace, multi-residential, fleets, residential and others. The company provides the charging infrastructure for the Electric Circuit and the VERnetwork?, the two largest charging networks in Canada.

Wireless Tank Monitoring with 1844myfuels

It’s often said that “you can't manage what you don't measure.” This holds true in big ways when it comes to tank monitoring. Measuring the amount of chemicals in a million-gallon industrial tank is significantly more complex than determining the amount of unleaded fuel in a car, but both provide important information that ensure operations can continue and efficient decisions can be made.

Greater Detroit Transit Agency Turns to Digi Transport WR44 R Cellular Router to Monitor Bus Fleet

When you have up to 200 buses on the streets for 23 hours each day, it’s essential to constantly monitor your vehicles to ensure the highest levels of on-time performance and safety. For the Suburban Mobility Authority for Rapid Transit (SMART), that challenge was growing increasingly difficult as its automatic vehicle location (AVL) system aged.

On-Screen Telestration and Analysis for Major Sporting Events

On-Screen Telestration and Analysis for Major Sporting Events

Technology Changes the Way Athletes and Coaches Train

Seattle Sport Sciences, Inc., a leading sports technology company, helps soccer coaches and players get the most out of every practice. Their flagship product, the SideKick Techne Pro? training machine, brings cutting-edge technology to the pitch by launching soccer balls at players to work on a range of skills like goalkeeping and chest passes, all the way up to flying headers and bicycle kicks.

Remote Temperature Monitoring of Perishable Goods Saves Money, Prevents Hazards

RMONI, a Belgium-based company established in 2005, provides wireless remote monitoring of crucial control parameters including a solution for temperature monitoring during transport and storage of food products and pharmaceutical goods. Customers have found the system so useful that RMONI now has more than 1,500 installations in Europe and 10,000 sensors online (2013).

4G Transition Creates Enhanced Commuter Experience, Increased Bus Safety & New Efficiencies

Public transportation use is on the rise as the number of miles driven in a vehicles decreases at a significant rate. In 2013, more travelers used busses, trains and subways than any year since 1956 in the United States. These trends create opportunities for cities that provide efficient solutions for residents and tourists who seek alternatives to driving.

DreamQii raised over $1.1 million dollars with their crowdfunding campaign for the PlexiDrone

DreamQii, the brainchild of Founder and CEO Klever Freire, previously a Flight Design Engineer at Bombardier, is a Toronto-based robotics technology company that has developed easy-to-fly drones, powered by next-generation control software, with industrial strength capabilities, at an affordable price.

Staying Connected on the Go: Enhancing Public Transit

Public transport provides a safe and affordable way for people to travel, and is an integral part of daily life for many. Yet, automobiles still remain public transport’s greatest competition due to their accessibility, convenience and comfort.

Driving Operational Efficiencies With Intelligent Waste & Recycling Solutions that Save Time & Money

Gain visibility into waste and recycling stations and transform an inefficient and resource-intensive industry into an efficient and profitable one.

Creating A Smarter Solution For Parking Management And Enforcement

Local government organizations typically report high costs associated with parking meters tracking from the cost of their labor force to the lost revenue in not catching meter violations. Agencies needed the ability to do “on demand” billing for parking while reducing their overall cost structure.

Turning Soil Conditions And Data Into Actionable Information To Maximize Crop Yields.

Weather and soil conditions can play an important role in the amount of stress that is induced on a plant. In the agriculture industry, these stresses, if left unmonitored can adversely impact the health of plant crops, reducing production yields and revenues. Our customer needed to develop a smart grid technology that monitored all aspects of the growth process.

Minimizing Costly Downtime Through A Predictive Asset Monitoring Solution

It's not a matter of if a hydraulic hose will go bad, but a question of when. When hoses fail on a garbage truck or on heavy machinery, companies spend millions of dollars on hydraulic fluid cleanup, fines, remote service and medical costs that result from injuries.

Digi XBee Enables Street Light Management System

CIMCON Software, a leading developer of automated street light control systems, helps communities reduce the maintenance cost and environmental footprint of street lights. CIMCON's LightingGale system replaces traditional street light photocells with a Street Light Controller (SLC).

Digi XBee Modules Reduce Hotel Energy Costs

Lodging Technology is the originator of infrared sensor-based hotel energy management technology and has been providing innovative energy management solutions to hotels since the 1980s. GEM System?, the company's flagship product, reduces energy costs 35 to 45 percent with typical paybacks under two years and ROI of 50 to 60 percent.

Digi XBee-Enabled Sensors Monitor Harsh Environments

Sensor technology research and development is important for monitoring the environment around us, ranging from prevention of forest fires and floods to detecting and monitoring contamination levels in cities. The research and development team at Libelium in Zaragoza, Spain, is dedicated to developing hardware for the implementation of wireless sensor networks, mesh networks and communication protocols.

Digi Delivers Superior Smart Metering Solution in India

In July 2012, India experienced the world's largest blackout, leaving nearly 700 million people without electricity for two days. Widespread power outages, which are common in India, highlight the need for increased use of smart grids and smart meters across the country to provide more accurate reporting and a reduced chance of transformer overload.

Digi Module Enables 3D Imaging Technology for Wound Assessment

Measurement is an undeniably essential component in the treatment of wounds. Whether treating ulcers, sores or other hard-to-heal wounds, accurate measurement allows clinicians to map the development of the complaint and thereby select the best course of treatment.
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